Thanksgiving Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving

From Amanda’s Gifts & More

It’s that time of year!  Despite the commercialism that this time of year brings, there is no denying that there is something magical about the holiday season.

On this day of thanks, I wanted to reach out to our community (our extended family)….

Amanda’s Gifts& More started almost 3 years ago to share Love and Light – the spiritual way of life.

By no means is AGM about telling people how to live their life, instead what we strive to do is to reveal things to open our minds to the possibility that there is more to life than being born, going to school, having friends, finding a partner, having a family and then passing into Spirit.

Yes, many of these are important parts of our lives, but is that “why we really are here?” While there is no way for us to know in totality why we are here, what I do understand is that it is much more fun, more exciting and interesting to believe in something greater than ourselves.

A Universal Consciousness (Energy) that connects us all, a ball of “Love and Light” that everything tangible and intangible stems from.  A core of consciousness that starts inside us and extends outwards (like ripples in a lake) never ending, giving and receiving.

We hope that Amanda’s Gifts & More has and will continue to inspire you to open your mind and heart to let us all create a better world.

I want to thank our community, our dedicated followers and my partner Joan for doing such an amazing job of spreading their message here in the Ohio Valley and beyond.

Love and Light

Blessings to All


Amanda’s Gifts & More located at 2718 Sunset Blvd., Steubenville, Ohio and has many unique gifts to assist you on your earthly journey.

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Happy Thanksgiving