Seasons of Change

As the seasons change, so do our lives; schedules, activities,  all things that can affect our overall wellness.  So, while you reach for your pumpkin spice chai and snuggle up with your favorite blanket and begin to read that book that has laid on your end table all summer,  remember to do this – flow with the energy of the seasons, review what it is you need to become or remain physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

This can look different for everyone: Maintaining our overall health may be simplifying our lives and our daily routines.  For others, it maybe eating healthier foods or getting more sleep.  Take Fall for instance: it comes every year and encourages the trees to loosen their grip, to release their old weight, and to shed what is no longer necessary. The trees allow what was once so full of vibrancy and life to fall, leaf by leaf!

Before TV, computers, internet, media, even before books, people gained knowledge through the watching of and the lessons taught by nature: the tides, the sun, the moon, and the seasons each year.  Living so close to Mother Earth and relying on her for food, and sustaining life, one paid close attention to the ways of the natural world, so living in harmony with it allows survival.  Following the natural cycles wasn’t just a good idea; it was essential for health and wellbeing.

One of the great insights gained through observations of the natural world is the patterns of cycles: the ebb and flow of the ocean tides, cycles of the moon and sun, change of the seasons, migration, day and night.  The Indigenous elders from all over the world remind us that we are part of nature and it is a part of us.

Over time, the wisdom keepers and sages reminded us there are cycles in the physical world and the Earth’s cycles – “The Earth’s Seasons and the Seasons of the Soul”.  The following are ways to Ebb and Flow with the Seasons:

Clearing your Mental and Emotional State

Meditation is a powerful tool.  There is a lot going on in our lives, so this will help clear your mental and emotional state.  Take time to just “BE”.  Honor the quiet time and stillness in meditation; it will assist in reducing stress, depression and anxiety, increase peace and well-being.

Move your Body

Keeping your body in motion is critical  to your mental and physical health. This movement does not necessarily mean exercising or sports – it can be walking, dancing, things that get you up off the couch.  It will improve circulation, encourage flow of the lymphatic system to keep us healthy, enhance our mood, gives us energy and regulates digestion.

Mental Recap

As your body winds down for the day, it is also important to wind down mentally.  Recapping your day is powerful and a conscious way of quickly shifting the events of the day, instead of letting them fester and potentially keep you awake.  This is best done right before going to sleep. 

  • Sit up straight in your bed, close your eyes.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Begin to observe your day on the screen of your mind – play back the day quickly as though you are watching a movie and don’t spend too much time on details – allow yourself to know you have gained much knowledge for your play book to be picked back up tomorrow.
  • See the movie end and know that tomorrow is another day.
  • When you have finished, settle into your bed and sleep well.

I send you all lots of Love and Light this Fall Season.


Autumn – a time of Centering.  A time to go within and focus on the Self, a time for Soul-searching and self-reflection, a time to unplug from the external world and turn inward.  A time to “Enter the Heart”. 

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Tris Thorp