You may be familiar with the phrase, “What you go looking for, you’re sure to find.”

Your experiences come through sensory perception – taste, touch, sight, sound and smell and even intuition (which we will cover at a later date).  How you receive, perceive and interpret your experiences trigger thoughts that ultimately create your reality.  When you determine something as real it will affect everything you think, say and do in your life.  However, you have control over how you choose to perceive things.

The reason it’s so important to understand this concept is because two kinds of interpretations exist:

Empowering and Disempowering

Empowering interpretations support you and give you positive fuel to move forward in your life-spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Disempowering interpretations, on the other hand, limit your ability to move forward, burden you with sadness, frustration and hopelessness.

Is it True?

One way that Deepak Chopra teaches you to look at the ways in which you are perceiving and interpreting your experiences is to spend some time reflecting on a situation that has you feeling out of control.

  1. Is it true?

The first question to ask yourself is, “Is my interpretation or belief true?”  You will probably respond,  “Of course it’s true!!!”  Dig a little deeper.

  1. Is it 100 percent true?

 For something to be true, it has to be true for everyone, all the time.  Example:  water is wet; hot stovetops burn.  The sun rises and sets every day.  If it’s not 100 percent true, then it is your interpretation of the experience that causes you to believe it’s true.  This is when you may start to feel the negativity shift slightly to “Okay, maybe it’s not 100 percent true for everyone, but it’s true for me.”  Now you’re beginning to loosen the boundaries of your perception just a bit, which enables you to see that the possibility of choosing another interpretation exists.

  1. What is it costing me to hold this disempowering interpretation?

You may know people who are stuck in negativity and, let’s be honest, they’re no fun to be around.  Identify what it’s costing you to remain rigidly attached to a negative interpretation or belief.  Is it creating stress that is affecting your health and well-being?  Is it perpetuating arguments and creating a disconnection in your relationships?  Are your interpretations making you question your ability to be the person you want to be or do the things you want to do in your life?  Make a list.

  1. What is an empowering interpretation I would rather focus on instead?

If you could choose a different interpretation-one that would be empowering and inspiring-what would it be? How would you prefer to view yourself, your experience and the world you live in?  If this feels like too much of a stretch, or if you’re not able to imagine a new, empowering interpretation, write down the opposite of what your native interpretation is.  For example, if your native interpretation is that you aren’t liked at work because people ignore you, the opposite could be that you are appreciated at work and people respect your ability to stay focused so they give you space to do your work.

Transform your perception from negative to positive, look at it as an opportunity. 

One of the greatest historical examples is the famous quote from Thomas Edison, “I have not failed.  I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  It is not failure it is feedback.  Feedback tells you how to make corrections so that you move forward towards your goals.

Remember, one person may look at a rainy day as a bad day but it can easily be interpreted by another as an opportunity to get things done indoors or catch up on a book you want to finish or recharge your energy.  The point here is you have the choice in how you interpret events in your life.

Stay Positive

Treat Yourself Kindly

Love and Light Always



(Information from Articles and Books – Dr. Wayne Dyer; Dr. Deepk Chopra; Dr. Bruce Lipton and Tris Thorp)