Halloween, Part 2

Samhain or Halloween is all about celebrating the eternal part of life, the never-ending cycle of death and rebirth that we all follow. It is also a time to honor your departed loved ones, and to remember that even though they are not with you physically, they are very much present in spirit.

Samhain is also the perfect time to reflect on all the things you have had to let go of this year, whether it be relationships, a job, or a way of life, and to celebrate the new energy that will eventually take its place. When something is released from our lives, we actually enter a highly creative vibration which can really help us to manifest all that we desire.

This ritual is designed to help you-

  • Honor the real, eternal You
  • Send blessings to loved ones who have departed
  • Manifest a new vision for yourself

This ritual is best done after sunset on October 31st and before sunrise on November 1st.

Samhain Ritual 

You will need:

  • Cleansing tool of your choice (i.e. dried herbs, incense, sage, bells, etc.)
  • A plate of nature- include a small bowl of water, nuts/seeds/fruit, flowers, crystals or any other objects that you wish
  • 3 White candles
  • Pen and paper


1.) Set up your ritual first by placing the plate of nature in the center with the three candles in front of it in a straight line. Keep your pen and paper off to the side but somewhere you can easily reach it.

2.) Start by cleansing your aura and surroundings using your cleansing tool. Once you have done that, start cleansing the items for your ritual too.

As you cleanse repeat the following or write your own-

“I ask my guides and angels to cleanse my body, my aura and my surroundings. I ask my guides and angels to restore me to my highest vibration. I ask my guides and angels to protect me while I work.”

3.) Light the candles and take a few deep breaths in and out to still your mind. Place your hand over your heart and focus your attention on the flame of one of your candles. Allow the dancing flame to relax and calm your mind.

4.) When you feel ready, close your eyes and imagine a beautiful ball of white light radiating from your heart. Get this visual clear in your mind and then allow it to grow stronger and stronger. Visualize the light covering your entire body, then the room, then your house, the street, the neighborhood, the country and the world.

5.) Now see this light beaming up straight out of the earth all the way to the Source/God- to the Universal ball of energy that we all came from. See your light connecting with the Source and then quietly to yourself repeat-

“I am connected to Source (or God) and Source is connected to me, I allow Source energy to flow freely to me.”

6.) Visualize the Source energy pouring back into you and allow yourself to feel full and loved by this energy. If you are struggling to feel a connection, ask your guides and angels to help or keep repeating the mantra above.

7.) Once you feel finished with that, open your eyes, thank all the Divine beings that assisted you, then, snuff out one of the candles and put it to the side.

8.) Now, bring your attention to a loved one or something that you lost this year (job, relationship etc). Repeat the following mantra (this mantra is more for a loved one so feel free to edit if you are doing this for something else)-

“I allow (insert name) to fly freely, I allow them to fly high, I want to see them happy, I want to see them soar. I know they are a part of me, and I open up to feel them even more. I know they are still with me, I can feel their love radiating within, I love them and I miss them.”

9.) Send any departed souls, or something you lost this year lots of love, and then snuff out the next candle. Put it to the side.

10.) Take your pen and paper and make a list of all of the objects on your ‘Plate of Nature’. For each object that you have, touch it, connect with it and then write down what it symbolizes and is going to help you bring into your life. There is no right or wrong with this, use your intuition to guide you. Here is an example-

Bowl of water: this water symbolizes to me cleansing and forgiveness. I know I need to forgive myself for……I forgive myself and welcome in the new energy of harmony and peace.

Almonds: these almonds symbolize the hard shell that I have been putting up to the world. I know that I no longer need to carry this…etc.

Allow each object on the plate to represent something in your life that you are looking to release and replace with a new energy. Don’t worry too much about this step, just go with whatever comes to you first and keep it simple.

11.) From what you have written, take a moment to highlight all the positive words that you are bringing into your life. For example- harmony, peace, freedom etc. Using “I am” repeat each out loud. Eg. “I am harmony, I am peace” etc.

12.) Thank your angels and guides for being with you. Snuff out your last candle. Leave your Plate of Nature as an offering to your loved ones and to the past. Clear it away after sunrise or when you wake up. (It is fine to eat the items and to reuse them in whatever way suits).

Happy Halloween!

Love and Light

Blessings to All


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