• Seasons of Change

    As the seasons change, so do our lives; schedules, activities,  all things that can affect our overall wellness.  So, while you reach for your pump...
  • The Spiritual meaning of Fall Equinox

    At this Autumn Equinox a wonderful ritual is to sit or stand on the grass 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the precise moment of the equinox.  This allows you to connect to the Earth and her seasons of change.  You can take this time to meditate on the equal light and dark.  Use this moment to ask for balance and peace to fill your life. On the Fall Equinox we should honor all the bounty that we have in our lives: think prosperity and gratitude with a small ritual or ceremony.  Light a candle, give thanks, speak your thanks, celebrate this time with family, friends or in your own thankful place.
  • Perception

    You may be familiar with the phrase, “What you go looking for, you’re sure to find.”

    Your experiences come through sensory perception – taste, touch, sight, sound and smell and even intuition (which we will cover at a later date).  How you receive, perceive and interpret your experiences trigger thoughts that ultimately create your reality.  When you determine something as real it will affect everything you think, say and do in your life.  However, you have control over how you choose to perceive things.